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Summer Trends

Believe it or not - it's Memorial Day Weekend and it might get down to 30* tonight! Say Whaaaaa???  Regardless of the weather outside - we are all ready to start looking for brighter days and brighter clothing!  Think:

  • Shackets - Shackets for summer are a HUGE hit - we just had a few summer weight/materials hit the store and they are literally flying out of the boutique! (did you know our 'new release day' was on Wednesday nights?)
  • 80's brights - pink, neon paired with animal print, and lots of color is big for summer
  • Animal Print - if animal print hasn't grown on you - you may as well give in - Animal print is quite specifically a new basic, and I am pretty sure it is here to stay
  • Cropped everything (Style tip - throw a cute cropped cami under one of those summer shackets for a 'now' look with a little more coverage....)
  • Neutrals - along with the brights there is this sort of neutral trend, too - I think personally it's from what I like to call the 'covid coma' we have all been in - a little scary to think about color, and going out in public again LOL


Whatever your style, chances are we have SOMETHING you'll love at the Poppy!  Come visit our store, or shop online - Carpools to Cocktails - #wevegotyoucovered